A lash bars range from being stand-alone studios providing services that range from eyelashes, and lash extensions only to larger operations attached to a day spa.  Ultimately, because the quality of work that a lash extension specialist is able to achieve is partially dependent on how still you can sit while they work, we’ve included how relaxing the spa environment is in our decision, alongside obvious factors like price and quality of work.


The Winners

#1) Bella Fontana Day Spa

420 W Main St

Denison, Tx

As the first providers of a lash club where you pay a set monthly fee for a fixed number of included appointments, the name Bella Fontana has become synonymous with eyelash extensions in the Sherman/Denison area.  Bella’s environment is always laid back and relaxed, and Shantell makes the two hour process of getting a new set of lashes almost enjoyable.  Bella wins this category across all three metrics hand down, with an unbeatable price point, a relaxing environment, and meticulous attention to detail on the lash extensions.

Website: Bella Fontana’s Eyelash Extension Club

Facebook: Bella Fontana Spa

#2) Connie’s Beauty Salon

1000 N Travis

Sherman, Tx

While she specializes in hair cuts, colors, and styles, Connie is no one trick pony!  Connie also provides a full line of eyelash extension services at an affordable price, with the same quality of workmanship and attention to detail her clients have come to expect out of her hair services, in a small, relaxed studio free from distractions.

Website: Connie’s Beauty Salon

Facebook: Connie’s Salon

#3) Big Apple Salons

1735 Texoma Pkwy

Sherman, Tx

Big Apple likewise focuses predominantly on hair, but bears on honorable mention here because of the quality of work their doing with tab eyelash extensions on make-up application clients.  Tab eyelashes are cheaper, lower quality lashes that don’t last as long, but also don’t take nearly as long to attach, greatly lowering the cost.  If you’re not ready to sign up for a $200 set of lashes, give the Big Apple a shot and see if you like the look!

Website: Big Apple Salons

Facebook: Big Apple on Facebook