Sherman and Denison's Best Day Spas

You deserve to relax with confidence. Our reviewers have selected these day spas as having the best massage, facial, waxing, eyelash, hair, and nail spa services in Sherman and Denison... Look no further.


There are many day spas located throughout Grayson County offering a broad array of services. Help us help you choose the salon that best suits your needs!

Massage Spas

Specializing in a broad range of modalities from Swedish to Hot Stone to Reiki to Sports Massage, a massage spa will tend to specialize in body work and relaxation and therapeutic treatments, geared toward the clients total wellness. Some massage spas will offer other spa services, where some place their sole focus on massage.

Facial Spas

Facial spas employ licensed estheticians to provide for the skin care needs of their clients, typically offering lines of anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, anti-acne and/or hydrating facials, as well as chemical peels, exfoliating services like microdermabrasion, and much more. They may also offer services like extractions, facial waxing, clarifying back facial treatments, foot treatments, and much more.

Med Spas

Medical Spas are typically more expensive, less relaxing, and laser focused on wellness and beautification, employing medical direction from a doctor or nurse practitioner in the administration of treatments such as botox, medical grade chemical peels, and much more.

Nail Salons

Nail Salons offer nail services like manicures and pedicures featuring Dip Nails, Nex Gen Nails, Shellac nail polish, artificial nail tips, nail art and more. Some nail salons are stand alone establishments, while other's are attached to day spas that offer other spa services to compliment the nail services. Environments can vary widely from one nail spa to the next, so do your research and find a salon that really meets your needs!

Hair Salons

Hair salons specialize in cutting, styling, coloring and deep conditioning hair. Some salons offer blow out services in addition to a full line of other hair services, while other salons only offer hair cuts or blow outs in an assembly line type of set up. Spa Salons tend to be known for producing particularly good vibrant and natural hair colors.

Lash Bars

Lash Bars employ licensed estheticians to attach eyelash extensions to their client's natural eyelashes. Some establishments offer a choice between tab eyelashes and individual eyelash extensions, so keep in mind that cheaper eyelashes don't tend to last as long as a full set of individual eyelash extensions will.

Waxing Studios

Waxing Studios focus primarily on hair removal. While laser hair removal techniques can be stunningly effective, they can also cause lasting scarring if the equipment is handled less than expertly, and similarly, sugaring hair removal can be less painful, but will also tend not to last as long: so most salons stick with good old fashioned wax.

Permanent Make-Up and Laser Tattoo Removal

Many Day Spas also offer permanent make-up services and laser tattoo removal in a more comfortable, relaxing environment more tailored toward female clients than a tattoo parlor. You'll want to be sure and choose a clean and reputable establishment as the results are permanent!

Full Service Day Spas

The full service Day Spa is the champion of relaxation and serenity, offering a wide variety of hair, nail, wax, massage, and other spa services, generally in a laid back, exquisitely furnished environment, and employing a wide variety of skilled specialists tasked with meeting all of their clients health and beauty needs.

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