The best waxing studios were determined by how relaxing the studio’s environment was, followed closely by the esthetician’s gentleness and technique (hot wax is never going to feel nice, but the right esthetician can make a world of difference for your comfort level!).  Other esthetician services will be considered in other sections.


The Winners

#1) Bella Fontana Day Spa

420 W Main St

Denison, Tx

Bella Fontana offers a wide array of waxing services that run from lip and brow waxes all the way up to a $300 full body waxing service.  They also offer their clients choices between hard wax and soft wax, and offer soy alternatives for clients with allergies or otherwise sensitive skin.  A wax session is never going to be the relaxing spa treatment that we want it to be, but Bella’s mimosas do a lovely job of taking the edge off.

Website: Bella Fontana Day Spa

Facebook: Bella Fontana Spa

#2) Gemma’s Healing Hands Massage

413 W Texas St

Sherman, Tx

As a licensed esthetician, Gemma offers a full line of wax services.  We love her gentle touch and demeanor, and would recommend her studio to any waxing first timer without a moment’s hesitation.

Facebook: Gemma’s Facebook

#3) Art of Threading Beauty Bar

4800 Texoma Pkwy

Sherman, Tx

The Art of Threading Beauty Bar is a hair removal studio specializing in threading, waxing, sugaring, and other hair removal services located inside of Sherman’s Midway Mall.  We love the diversity of natural hair removal offers that they’re offering, and the staff’s knowledge of the craft is absolutely unrivaled.  Give them a try the next time you’re out at the mall!

Website: Art of Threading Beauty Bar

Facebook: The Art of Threading on Facebook